e-Tendering, e-Submissions & e-Filings

Reducing the burden of traditional paper-based workflows

How is Ascertia helping businesses adopt automated online services?

Businesses are moving away from manual, paper-based processes, adopting online services for tasks such as e-Tendering, e-Submissions and e-Filings. Ascertia supports businesses going through digital transformations by providing a platform that:

  • Brings together all the necessary e-services in a centralised location, making it easy for businesses to manage their entire tendering, submission and filing process online.
  • Automates the process of tendering, submitting and filing, saving businesses valuable time and money.
  • Provides a secure and compliant environment, giving businesses peace of mind that their data is safe.
  • Ensures organisations get the most out of its platform by providing support and training to its partners and customers.
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ADSS Signing Server

ADSS Signing Server verifies the user’s signature. It includes certificate path building and validation, revocation checking, as well as signature and certificate quality assessment.
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Client Integrations – ADSS Go>Sign Desktop

ADSS Go>Sign encrypts documents using a PKI certificate provided by the Business Web Application. It provides the signed and optionally encrypted document to the Business Web Application
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Our relationship with Ascertia has been a long-term trusted relationship. We’ve worked with Ascertia for quite a number of years. They are an incredible company with proven success internationally, in fact globally, and they have accreditations across industries and authorities. They are very agile and responsive, and we find agility and response to be something that’s really important in terms of working with our customers and partners to deliver the right solutions.

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What is e‑Tendering?

What are e-Submissions?

Why is there an increase in e‑services such as e‑Tendering, e‑Submissions and e‑Filing?

How are traditional paper‑based processes and electronic processes different?