Why use Ascertia’s ADSS Web RA Server?

ADSS Web RA Server is an advanced registration authority (RA). It harnesses the power of Ascertia’s ADSS Certificate Authority (CA) Server or other Certificate Authorities. It is designed to directly issue and manage the lifecycle of digital certificates.

Ascertia’s ADSS Web RA Server puts organisations in control of how their people, devices and applications interact with trust infrastructure. It enables them to control the registration, vetting and enrolment of new or updated users and their digital certificates. Additionally, it allows for revocation when those users are no longer needed or valid.

Manage digital certificates quickly, simply and securely with ADSS Web RA Server


Have full control

of your organisation’s certificate lifecycle including registration, revocation and recovery


One RA product

for all your registration and enrolment needs

ADSS WebRA Diagram

Key Benefits

  • Flexible management and branding

    – ADSS Web RA Server works with multiple TSPs and CAs and can easily integrate with existing business applications. It enables people, devices and applications to register for digital identities to support authentication, encryption, and digital signatures. Users can leverage Web RA to enrol for remote signing, bulk signing and local signing services. Additionally, it can be branded to suit you or your client’s needs.

  • Intuitive user experience

    – Effortlessly build enrolment workflows for end user or server certificate enrolment. ADSS Web RA Server enables the creation of service plans, vetting forms and subscriber agreements as well.

  • Centralised management

    – One ADSS Web RA Server can support multiple enterprise accounts. It enables organisations and service providers to configure and manage administration accounts separately.

Designed to simplify enrolment and workflow to enable electronic know-your-customer checks, WebRA can address simple enrolment in vetting use cases and automatically enable lesions of digital certificates in a single workflow. Web RA server helps reduce cost, increase user satisfaction, and easily be integrated into an existing deployment to meet the needs of most businesses looking to introduce enrolment and vetting.

Mike Hathaway

Chief Product Officer


Digitisation with
ADSS Web RA Server

In a recent webinar, Ascertia discussed Web RA’s impact on digitisation, including registration and vetting of identity amid throughout the process.

Watch our video to learn how Ascertia’s ADSS Web RA Server helps enable global business digitisation.


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