ADSS Auto File Processor

Bulk signing using automated intelligent watched folder processing

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Why use Ascertia’s ADSS Auto File Processor?

Bulk signing batches of documents can be cumbersome. Ascertia’s ADSS Auto File Processor (AFP) is designed to increase efficiency and reduce operational workload. It is a front-end application that works with ADSS Signing Server.

ADSS Auto File Processor monitors input folders and processes batches of documents according to pre-defined profiles. It is commonly used for bulk invoice and other mass document signing operations.

Automate mass bulk signing for electronic documents with
ADSS Auto File Processor


Handles multiple watched folders

each with a unique, pre-defined AFP profile


Supports several digital signature formats,

including basic, advanced & long-term eSignatures

ADSS Server Module Diagram

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money

    – Automating your bulk signing process increases efficiency while AFP ensures the process is 100% compliant and secure. It’s sophisticated filtering enables you to define sub-folders, file names, batch sizes and operational timers.

  • No programmatic integration required

    – Ascertia’s intelligent watched folder approach processes significant volumes of electronic documents with easy set up and implementation.

  • Fully flexible signing solution

    – ADSS Auto File Processor works with several document types, including images and video. Additionally, all ETSI signature types are supported.

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How does ADSS Auto File Processor work?

What signature types are supported?

What file types can be processed?

What are the system requirements?