Why use Ascertia’s

Does your organisation require secure timestamping? It’s ill-advised to rely on a signee’s computer or device timestamp since they can be easily changed. The solution? A secure time stamping authority (TSA).

Ascertia’s ADSS TSA Server creates legally binding timestamps that prove when digital transactions take place. It can be used to notarise documents and data showing they’ve not been altered in any way. Ascertia’s product can independently prove when a digital signature was applied or accepted. It allows a digital signature to be verified months, years or decades into the future.

ADSS TSA Server is used for internal enterprise TSAs and powers global commercial Time Stamp Authority services


Integrates seamlessly with Timestamping Authority (TSA) enabled applications and CA Servers


Capable of signing thousands of timestamping transactions per second (TPS) for Timestamping Authorities


QTSPs and TSPs use Ascertia’s TSA’s Server to issue eIDAS qualified timestamps

ADSS Server Modules Diagram

Key Benefits

  • High performance

    – ADSS TSA Server can produce thousands of timestamps per second. It ensures integrity and provides everything needed to legally verify long-term digital signatures.

  • Fully compliant

    – Fully compliant with the latest standards and certified to issue eIDAS Qualified Timestamps and Adobe AATL timestamps.

  • Enhanced security

    – It complies with RFC 3161 and RFC 5816 cryptographic timestamping security standards and works with Microsoft Authenticode-compliant clients, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

It’s great to work with a global company … like Ascertia with proven technology and an extensive network of partners supporting a broad customer base. Ascertia’s understanding of legal aspects in different countries and regulations has been invaluable.

Pasi Hautamäki

Senior Business Developer


ADSS TSA Server & High-trust Remote Signing

In a recent webinar, Ascertia, LAWTrust and Entrust dicussed how organisations can leverage high-trust remote signing and long-term digital signatures.

Watch our webinar to learn about the remote signing process and its benefits for modern-day businesses.


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