Facilitating secure digital and electronic signatures in Asia

PKI, digital trust, and electronic signatures in the Philippines

The Philippines boasts a robust history embracing digital technology. From secure digital groundwork being laid in the late 1990s to the passage of the country’s Electronic Commerce Act in 2000, the nation has become a regional leader in online trust and security.

Today, PKI forms the bedrock of trust across Filipino industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Education

As the Philippines charts its ambitious digital course, exemplified by initiatives like “Smart Philippines,” PKI and digital trust will assume even greater prominence. Ascertia, alongside industry partners, stands poised to equip the nation with the tools and expertise necessary to navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence.

Key Benefits

  • Proven technology and expertise

    Ascertia boasts a strong track record in developing and delivering secure, reliable PKI and digital signature solutions in the Philippines. Our products comply with international standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind and ensuring smooth integration with existing systems. Our team of public key infrastructure (PKI) and cybersecurity experts understand the complex challenges organisations face in securing their digital transactions. We provide valuable guidance and support throughout the implementation and integration process.

  • Enhanced security and trust

    Our PKI solutions can improve user authentication and access control, protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorised access. Additionally, Ascertia’s digital signatures eliminate the risk of document tampering and forgery, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data throughout its lifecycle. This can prevent costly errors and fraudulent activities.

  • Streamlined workflows and efficiency

    From automated document signing and verification to improved mobility and flexibility, Ascertia’s solutions can significantly improve efficiency and productivity within your organisation. Additionally, our cloud-based and mobile-enabled solutions allow users to sign and verify documents securely from anywhere, anytime. This enhances flexibility and collaboration, particularly for geographically dispersed teams.

Electronic and digital signature laws and regulations in the Philippines

As the Philippines fully embraces the digital era, trust is everything. Whether you’re signing documents, sending contracts, or navigating the online world, knowing your data is safe and your signatures are legally sound is paramount.

At Ascertia, we understand this – and we’re here to provide a seamless, secure experience that is fully compliant with every Filipino law and regulation.

The Philippines’ PKI, data privacy and electronic signature regulations and laws as of 2023:

  • Republic Act No. 872 or the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000: This landmark act recognised electronic documents and signatures as legally equivalent to their physical counterpart. It outlines the conditions for their validity, including:
    • Data integrity – The signed document must be protected from alteration after signing.
    • Control of signing process – The signer must have exclusive control over the signing method used.
    • Linkage to signer – The signature must be unique and attributable to the specific signer.
  • Implementing rules and regulations of the E-Commerce Act: These provide further details about the acceptable types of electronic signatures and the procedures for using them in different contexts.
  • Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012: This comprehensive law protects the right to individual privacy with respect to the collection, processing, storage, and transmission of personal information. It mandates data controllers to ensure data subject consent, implement appropriate security measures, and respect individuals’ access and correction rights.
  • National Privacy Commission (NPC) Guidelines and Issuances: The NPC, established under the Data Privacy Act, issues further guidelines and regulations clarifying specific aspects of the law, including:
    • Minimum security standards.
    • Cross-board data transfer procedures.
    • Compliance requirements for specific industries.

Why do organisations in the Philippines choose Ascertia?

The Philippines, nestled in the vibrant heart of Southeast Asia, stands poised for a digital renaissance. As innovation flourishes across its bustling metropolises, Filipino enterprises recognise the cornerstone of any successful transformation: trust.

Ascertia is not merely a provider of PKI and digital trust solutions. We are your strategic partner in building a robust, transparent, and inclusive digital ecosystem for the Philippines. So, why do organisations of all sizes entrust their digital future with Ascertia?

  • Tailored solutions for the Filipino market: We’ve meticulously crafted our PKI and digital trust solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities of this dynamic market. We understand both your regulatory environment and technological infrastructure, as well as the needs of your workforce.
  • Unparalleled data security: Our PKI solutions set the industry standard in data encryption and authentication, providing your critical information and transactions the highest level of protection.
  • Unparalleled data security: Our PKI solutions set the industry standard in data encryption and authentication, providing your critical information and transactions the highest level of protection.

Contact our team to schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discover how Ascertia can become your trusted partner in establishing trust, security, and growth in your organisation.