Why use Ascertia’s

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a set of roles, policies, procedures and technology that protects and authenticates digital information. From online shopping to social media, PKI touches every part of our digital lives.

As governments and businesses around the globe continue to implement digital transformations, the necessity for digital trust grows. Ascertia’s PKI/CA Server supports digital business by ensuring digital trust throughout the digital identity issuance and management process.

ADSS Admin Console

ADSS CA/PKI Server is used to issue and manage digital identities providing undisputed authenticity and information security for business transactions.


Highly resilient certificate issuance solution

that provides an active‑active service to support demanding service continuity needs


Powerful, scalable performance

capable of issuing thousands of digital certificates for people, devices and applications


Seamlessly integrate with existing business applications

using ADSS Web RA Server and ADSS OCSP Server

ADSS Server Modules Diagram

Key Benefits

  • Robust authenticity

    – Ascertia’s ADSS CA/PKI Server offers a robust certification authority service, which enables operators to build as many Trusted Certification Authorities as they need to satisfy business requirements for trust infrastructure.

  • Enhanced security

    –Keys and certificates are issued from a central Certificate Authority (CA). Each key is unique and ADSS CA/PKI Server enables easy rotation of keys and certificates on a regular basis. Whilst the initial deployment can be more complex, it provides strong proof of identity and full credential lifecycle management.

  • Comprehensive digital trust

    – ADSS CA/PKI Server is core to providing digital trust and is used by global TSPs, businesses and governments. It delivers a highly secure and scalable platform upon which services can be built to issue digital certificates to people, devices and applications.

Our experience with the ADSS Server product and its availability and performance is what I, as an IT Professional and as Nikken’s IT manager of 9 years believes makes Ascertia the standards by which all companies in this industry sector should consider following.

Andy Butterworth

IT Manager

Nikken UK Ltd

Learn more about Ascertia’s ADSS CA/PKI Server

A standards-based, certified solution, ADSS CA/PKI server can be deployed on‑premise or as part of a cloud service. It offers comprehensive scalability to meet the most demanding business requirements.

Watch our videos to learn how PKI underpins modern-day digital business.


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