Ascertia ADSS Auto File Processor

Provides businesses with a convenient way of processing large amounts of data and documents, particularly bulk document signing such as PDF invoices, using a watched folder application. Also supports eSealing use cases.

Ascertia ADSS Server Client SDK

Offers users high-level APIs that provide easy integration and simple access to the ADSS e-Trust Services product suite, including ADSS Signing Server for server-side signing and verification, Go>Sign Service for high trust remote signing and ADSS OCSP, SCVP Validation Authority Servers.

Certinet SigningHub Link for SAP

A bespoke integration between SigningHub and SAP CLM module, from Certinet in Chile.

Ascertia Go>Sign Desktop

Enables local signing via a smartcard or USB dongle when using a desktop environment.


Directly request signatures from Laserfiche for contracts, agreements and waivers. A Laserfiche solutions provider based in South Africa, experienced with many complex integration projects including large banks.

Salesforce partner

A systems integrator supporting companies to implement digital transformation strategies by optimising and automating processes, focused on the Salesforce platform.



A Laserfiche solutions provider based in South Africa, experienced with many complex integration projects including large banks. Noscotek also have experience integrating with the SAP CRM APIs.

SigningHub for box

Increase productivity without compromising security, powered by Zapier, this SigningHub connector enables teams to manage, access and edit workflows in one place.

SigningHub Dropbox Connector


Effectively collaborate across the business, sending documents via Dropbox for sign off and return signed documents to the secure cloud environment.

SigningHub Google Drive Connector


Increase team collaboration by accessing and sharing files for electronic signing directly from Google Drive and return files there to the cloud.

Signinghub for Microsoft Teams

Coming soon, please contact us if you require further information.

SigningHub Mobile SDK

Use the SigningHub Mobile SDK to enhance exisiting business apps to enable mobile e-signing and keep brand continuity for end customers.

SigningHub for Oracle CPQ Connector

Oracle CPQ

Improves the productivity of sales teams by quickly generating quotes for customers to electronically sign.

SigningHub for OneDrive Connector

Powered by Zapier, this SigningHub connector provides file management options that enables users to share, protect and manage documents.

SigningHub for Power Automate Connector


Create tailored complex document e-signing workflows for your business needs all within a secure and flexible environment.

SigningHub for Salesforce® App

SigningHub for Salesforce provides the most secure way to sign important business documents. It allows users to quickly send, track, sign and verify documents and enables sales teams to close deals faster and work more effectively.

SigningHub for SharePoint Connector

SharePoint customers can securely e-sign, verify and track documents within SharePoint, this removes the associated costs and hassle of dealing with paper documents.

SigningHub for ServiceNow

Leading provider of cloud-based platforms, The Cloud People assist businesses to automate their processes and increase productivity, with a focus on ServiceNow. Directly request signatures from ServiceNow for contracts, agreements and waivers.

SigningHub for Slack

A SigningHub connector powered by Zapier enables users from different organisations to share documents and stay connected through chat and message functions quickly and easily.

SigningHub for QuickBooks

Powered by Zapier, this SigningHub connector provides time-saving automations for accountancy solutions including payment processing and cloud accounting.

SigningHub for Word Plugin

SigningHub Word App users can securely prepare and sign documents directly from Microsoft Word without the need to convert word files into PDF documents.

SigningHub for Xero

SigningHub connector powered by Zapier seamlessly integrates and streamlines contract signing and the issuance of quotes with the SigningHub integration.

Virtual CSP

Ascertia’s Virtual CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) enables users to remotely sign documents, emails and other data formats, from Windows applications



Use SigningHub’s powerful workflow engine to boost team productivity by automating repetitive document and sign-off processes.