Facilitating digital trust and secure remote signing in Greece

PKI, digital trust and electronic signatures in Greece

Like most European member states, Greece has embraced digital transformation. Through the implementation of public key infrastructure (PKI), Greece is actively fostering a secure and efficient environment for electronic transactions. PKI utilises electronic signatures, akin to digital seals, to authenticate individuals and documents with the highest levels of assurance.

Greece adheres to the eIDAS regulation, ensuring legal recognition of these signatures across the European Union (EU). This robust framework fosters trust in a wide range of industries:

As a trusted service provider (TSP), Ascertia plays a critical role in this ecosystem. We issue and manage digital certificates, the cornerstone of PKI, ensuring authenticity and integrity. This fosters trust in all digital interactions, empowering organisations to confidently navigate the digital age.

Key Benefits

  • Unshakeable digital trust

    Ascertia empowers Greek businesses with three pillars of digital trust: eIDAS-compliant signatures for secure online transactions, robust identity management through solutions like ADSS CA Server, and transparent audit trails for accountability. This builds trust with stakeholders, strengthens security, and streamlines operations for a competitive edge in the European market.

  • Increased operational efficiency

    Ascertia boosts efficiency through automation, seamless integrations, and remote signing capabilities. Our solutions automate manual tasks related to digital trust, allowing businesses to focus on core activities. Additionally, our platforms integrate smoothly with existing IT systems, minimising disruption, and maximising compatibility.

  • Unmatched security

    Ascertia safeguards Greek businesses with a three-pronged security approach: robust multi-factor authentication shields user logins and data, secure communication channels ensure confidentiality through encryption, and adherence to GDPR regulations fosters trust and mitigates legal risks by responsibly managing personal data. This comprehensive protection empowers businesses to operate with confidence.

Electronic and digital signature laws and regulations in Greece

Operating in Greece’s dynamic digital space requires navigating specific regulations around electronic signatures and data privacy. At Ascertia, we understand the intricacies of these laws and ensure our products and services fully comply, offering you peace of mind and legal certainty.

Greece’s PKI, data privacy and electronic signature regulations and laws as of 2023:

Why do organisations in Greece choose Ascertia?

Greece is building the foundations of a secure, dynamic digital landscape. Organisations seeking a secure path forward choose Ascertia, not just for our technology, but our unwavering commitment to digital trust.

We understand the complexities of the Greek market and the country’s laws and regulations. Our solutions weave robust cybersecurity into their core, building confidence and fostering loyalty. This empowers Greek businesses to confidently embrace digital transformation, knowing their data is safeguarded and compliance assured.

Cybersecurity, often viewed as a burden, becomes a shield with Ascertia. Our advanced solutions protect against increasing cybersecurity threats, allowing Greek organisations to focus on innovation, safe in the knowledge their critical infrastructure is safe.

Ascertia is more than a technology provider. We’re your trusted partner, guiding you towards a digital future where trust and transformation go hand in hand. Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help your business move forward with its digital initiatives.