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Global providers of digital trust products and services for Enterprises, Governments and Trust Service Providers (TSPs) – we are all about driving innovation to build a trustworthy and sustainable digital world

Why Ascertia?

Ascertia delivers digital trust products and services globally for Enterprises, Governments and Trust Service Providers. Ascertia solutions enable digital business processes which are fundamentally underpinned by digital trust to ensure that identities are proven and business transactions are both authentic and trustworthy.

Ascertia’s digital signature platform and PKI products deliver digital trust across people, devices, data, and documents. At the heart of our ecosystem is a wide-reaching customer base, 100+ expert partners and integrators which have been delivering Ascertia products, cloud services and apps since 2001.

Ascertia became part of the InfoCert – Tinexta Group in 2023. InfoCert is the largest Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe. They build sustainable and innovative digitisation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients from different industries. InfoCert’s commitment extends to upholding the highest standards of security and compliance, delivering a user-friendly experience, and ensuring complete legal validity. Drawing on extensive expertise in digital trust and compliance, InfoCert can effectively address the local regulatory demands of the countries they operate in, while preserving an international approach.

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We drive innovation to build a trustworthy and sustainable digital world for enterprises, governments, and Trust Service Providers (TSPs).


We empower customers’ digital transformation journey with our innovative solutions which guarantee trustworthiness, compliance, and sustainability in the digital world.

What we do?

Trust is the foundation for successful relationships, and we are committed to building trust in the digital world. Our solutions enable digital business processes. These processes are fundamentally underpinned by digital trust, ensuring digital identities are verified and business transactions are trustworthy.

Why trust us?

  • Digital Trust – We provide a complete digital trust offering to secure digital interactions.
  • Compliance – We meticulously develop compliance by designing solutions to address customers’ needs and regulations.
  • ESG – We support customers in pursuing their environmental, sustainability and governance objectives.
  • Cyber Security – We are leaders in digital trust and security. Our commitment to protecting our customers is paramount, which is why we offer the most complete and safest range of PKI and digital signature solutions.

Trusted by more than 5,000 enterprise customers

Tinexta Group

InfoCert is the leading company in the Tinexta Digital Trust Business Unit.

Tinexta is a constantly evolving industrial Group listed on Euronext STAR Milan with a solid majority institutional shareholder. Tinexta is included in the European Tech Leader Index as a high-growth tech company.

Based in Italy and present in 12 countries throughout Europe and Latin America with over 2,500 employees, Tinexta operates in the strategic sectors of Digital Trust, Cyber Security, and Business Innovation.