Supporting digitisation in heavily regulated industries

Why does the aviation industry choose Ascertia?

The aviation industry handles mountains of paperwork. From flight records and maintenance logs to safety reports and training records, the industry must follow strict document management procedures and ensure full audit trails for compliance.

Like most industries, many aviation organisations are implementing digital transformations to modernise processes and enhance operational efficiency. Ascertia aids in this goal by:

  • Supporting adoption of digital technologies
  • Streamlining document management and approval workflows
  • Delivering greater document security and integrity
  • Reducing reliance on manual paper-based systems
  • Enabling faster document processing
  • Enhancing data security through encryption, access controls and secure storage

More information on how Ascertia supports digital transformation in the aviation industry is available here

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Secure on‑premises eSignature solutions

Your intellectual property and data security is important to us. Our secure on‑premises eSignature solution, SigningHub, enables streamlined document approval workflows, supports multiple signers and provides useful reminders and updates for stakeholders.

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Seamless integration and scalability

Ascertia’s ADSS Server provides APIs and interoperability with existing systems, allowing aviation organisations to integrate digital trust capabilities without major disruptions. It can be easily scaled to accommodate increasing document management needs.

As in any industry, in aviation corporate functions such as procurement, HR, finance and sales require solutions such as digital signatures to be more cost efficient, faster, and to be more collaborative. When considering engineering aircraft maintenance or aircraft operations, all these points apply yet we have further challenges making sure that compliance, data management and security is more rigid.

Fatih Murat

Head of Digital Trust Solutions



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