Why do legal firms choose Ascertia?

The legal sector is well known for having complex document handling processes, time-consuming document approval workflows and some of the most stringent regulations globally. When moving from traditional, paper-based processes, legal firms must ensure they comply with laws and regulations while increasing efficiency, enhancing security and achieving cost-savings.

Ascertia’s digital trust products are the ideal solution for legal sector digital transformations. They ensure compliance with privacy and client-confidentiality laws and regulations while:

  • Ensuring electronic signatures have strong non-repudiation in court, including traceability and audit trails
  • Providing long-term eSignature validation and archival, enabling organisations to validate signatures years or decades after they were originally signed
  • Enhancing security through cutting-edge encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Improving efficiency by reducing workloads and streamlining document management
Legal Diagram
ADSS LTANS Server illustration

Long-term secure document archival

Ascertia’s ADSS LTANS Evidence Server offers flexible retention policies while ensuring documents are protected through their archival period with secure timestamping.

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Business integrations

Ascertia’s products are designed to work with your existing business applications, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Microsoft Office products, Google Drive and many more.

Ascertia’s proven technology, whether cloud-based or on-premise, and enterprise-class document e-signing enables our customers to easily upload, send, review and securely e-sign documents from any device, anywhere. It’s great to work with a global company with an extensive network of partners supporting a broad customer base. Ascertia’s understanding of legal aspects in different countries and regulations has been invaluable.

Pasi Hautamäki

Senior Business Developer



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