Why use Ascertia’s SAM Appliance?

ADSS SAM Appliance meets all the security and audit requirements for Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP). It is a Common Criteria Certified Remote Qualified Signature / eSeal Creation Device (QSCD) that complies with the EN 419241-1 System Security Requirements and EN 419241-2 Protection Profile to ensure high trust in remote / cloud eSignature and eSeal processes.

The SAM appliance can be shipped with an internal EN419221-5 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) OR used with a suitable external network connected HSM to securely authorise use of the signing or sealing keys.

Ascertia’s SAM Appliance is used by global QTSPs and business for remote signatures and eSeals


High Security

is ensured through the world’s first Common Criteria EAL4+ EN 419 241-2 certification and EU eIDAS compliance


Powerful, scalable performance

providing broad support for secure signature authorisation via SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect providers


Comprehensive QTSP support

by delivering qualified digital signature services for any type of document, web form or transaction

ADSS SAM Server Modules Diagram

Key Benefits

  • No local hardware

    – Ascertia’s SAM Appliance removes the need for smartcards or tokens. Instead, keys are securely, centrally managed reducing costs and improving user experience.

  • Simplified signing

    – Remote signing removes traditional Qualified and AATL Advanced signature challenges. One-time and long-term signing can easily be completed anywhere, anytime.

  • Centralised policy control & audit trail

    – Signature creation and validation policy settings and a full audit trail are centrally managed by TSPs. SAM Appliance ensures robust security and simplicity.

As long-standing users of Ascertia’s world-class products, we are pleased to see that the ADSS SAM Appliance used the same robust ADSS Server software that we are used to with our other high-trust, high-availability services. Ascertia are an easy organisation to work with and they support us very well when needed.

Patrick Beckman Lapré

Sales and Marketing Director

QuoVadis Trustlink B.V.

Remote Signing –
Qualified Signatures

SAM Appliance helps ensure digital trust throughout the remote signing process.

Watch our video to learn how to Ascertia’s ADSS Server and its products help provide organisations with eIDAS-compliant qualified eSignatures with cross border legal recognition.


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