Why use Ascertia’s ADSS ePassport Server

Based on Ascertia’s ADSS Server platform, the ADSS ePassport Server provides governments with everything they need to deliver a standards-compliant public key infrastructure (PKI). It supports passport issuance and validation and aids passport holder authentication at border control.

A complete solution for governments and border control agencies, ADSS ePassport Server can easily be deployed into new or existing ePassport architectures. Robust and secure, this signing platform ensures complete protection of an ePassport holder’s information.

Securing borders and facilitating travel with ADSS ePassport Server


Quick and efficient

passport checking and validation at border control checkpoints


Fully secure

ensuring citizens’ data including biometrics and contact details are protected


Superior border security

with ICAO and EU compliance of machine-read travel documents (MRTD)

Key Benefits

  • Adaptive deployment options

    – Configure the project to meet your specific requirements for Basic and Extended Access Control.

  • Diverse architecture support

    – Ascertia’s ADSS ePassport Server supports X.509 and Card Verifiable ISO 7816 certificates and can be deployed as a new solution or as a replacement to existing ePassport PKI.

  • Fully compliant solution

    – It complies with the latest International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and European Union (EU) requirements for ePassports and MRTD.

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