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How does mobile signing streamline document workflows?

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial that digital and electronic signature solutions can use mobile phones, tablets, desktops and web applications. Organisations shouldn’t face any barriers to operating when, where and how they want.

Our goal is to ensure there are no constraints to how quickly people can view and sign important business or personal documents. In this new era of secure remote signing, Ascertia is a world leader in providing high-trust solutions using a global network of trusted suppliers.

Ascertia’s mobile signing solutions

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  • Provides users with a quick, easy-to-use digital signature platform for sending, viewing, signing and returning documents – from initial draft to final approval
  • Supports push notifications to remotely authorise document signing from mobile apps
  • Available as a mobile app or via a mobile web browser

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  • Push notifications to authorise signing requests
  • Available as a software development kit (SDK), enabling the functionality to be embedded into existing business applications
  • Utilises Ascertia’s ADSS Server and can be configured in on-premises or cloud deployments

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Third-party apps

  • Ascertia designed its products to be interoperable by providing SDKs and APIs to interact with existing business applications.
  • Other third-party apps may integrate with Ascertia’s SDKs and provide signing solutions in their own interface

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Great product that provides a worry-free signing process. SigningHub makes signing a breeze, the ability to automatically create a signing process without intervention enables the user to quickly and easily get documents signed.

Eugene Lam

Deputy CEO

Netrust Pte Ltd


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