Delivering digital assurance for e-Government with Ascertia’s high trust solutions

Ascertia works with local, regional and central government in the UK, EU and across the world, delivering high trust digital assurance with digital signatures, workflow management and e-Government digitisation solutions.

Our products and solutions provide

Standards adherence – we meet all global standards including ETSY, SEN standards, NIST and eIDAS and Adobe CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium).
Global interoperability – we offer services through our extensive 100+ strong global partner network. These experts provide support for local needs, languages and other complementary solutions.
Deployment freedom – all our solutions can be deployed fully on-premise, as a cloud service or privately managed service.
Flexibility – we provide the flexibility to customise and white label our services managed by partners.

Why governments work with Ascertia to deliver
e-Government projects

We are committed to providing compliant, high-security digital signatures and verifiable audit trails. With the government’s long and complex approval processes it’s important to be able to identify and verify signers and their intent long after they signed.

Our interoperability with other vendors, technologies and applications ensure a smooth digital transformation project and the use of digital signatures over paper processes supports sustainability and green government initiatives.

Through the use of e-seals and local signing, government departments and e-government schemes can generate cost savings and accelerate approval whilst providing key digital services for citizens and delivering digital trust for government organisations.

Digitising e-Government processes through advancing technology and standards

How do governments use digital identities and digital signatures?

Government backed digital signing
National and digital identities eID
Electronic and digital passports
Visas and immigration applications
Land and property registry
Income Tax, sales tax, VAT payments
Vehicle tax, registration and testing – UK DVLA and MOT
Local government services and websites
Police, crime and justice, and law
Driving licences and HGV tachographs
Patent applications
Business funding applications
Student finance applications
LPA – Lasting Power of Attorney
Trade – import and export documentation
e-procurement and e-tendering
EU cross border interaction

Ascertia is a global leader in high-trust PKI and digital signature products, delivering essential trust services that keep citizens secure and business flowing. Ascertia’s products are easy to integrate and use across a range of business scenarios.

If you are considering becoming a Trust Service Provider and want to know more about Ascertia’s high trust signing solutions.

Working with Us

Ascertia’s commitment to interoperability, ease of integration and a flexible, customisable web interface ensures our solutions work seamlessly with your chosen e-government software and infrastructures.

Ascertia is pleased to be a G-Cloud 12 service provider and our SigningHub is now listed under the UK government’s Cloud Software on the digital marketplace.

e-Government Customers

Government CA’s
State judiciary services
Tax administration
Asia / Asia Pacific
Internal Affairs
National PKI’s
e-Government portal services
Digital government services
Information & Communications
Government CA’s
Transport services
Customs & e-Passports
Land Registry
Company Registration
Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Justice
National Treasury
e-Government services
Digital identities infrastructure eID
Middle East
Interior Affairs
Identity & Citizenship eID
Home Affairs
Tax & Revenue services
Provincial Treasury
And many others – call us to find out more!

Standards and Compliance

A standards and compliance based approach is key to supporting and enabling e-government projects, and Ascertia has always been a leader in implementing new standards.

Ascertia’s standards-based approach gives you the choice to work with any Trust Services Providers (TSPs), including Certificate Authorities (CAs), that support the global Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). This approach also gives customers, partners and developers the best opportunities for integration with industry standard products, in-house systems, and national and international interoperability.

“The results we’ve seen since we partnered with Ascertia are nothing less than quite amazing, because what we did together from 2014 up until (2019) was actually release an infrastructure for digital identities on the Swedish market and have it certified by the Swedish Government Now, given the sizes of our companies and what we’ve delivered to the market, I think that’s quite amazing.”


Johan Henrikson
CEO at Verisec