Ascertia and the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC)

Building a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures

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What is the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) ?

The CSC is a global association of industries, governments and academic organisations, including solution providers, technology firms and Trust Service Providers, all of which have come together to drive the standardisation and interoperability of highly secure and compliant cloud-based digital signatures.

With the introduction of the eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services) regulation by the EU in 2014, it was clear a common global standard and methodology for interoperability between organisations in the digital signature community was required.

The CSC was created to develop these common protocols and enable everyone to have access secure digital signature solutions across a wide range of cloud-based applications, on mobile devices and the web in a non-proprietary way.

According to the Cloud Signature Consortium, the organisation:

“Aims to make it simple for EU businesses and governments to successfully comply with this new regulation. The vision is to create a single digital market, across Europe and the globe.”

Customers and end-user benefits

The CSC’s community objectives are to provide

Secure transactions – through web browsers, mobile devices, the desktop or on the move.
Cloud based document storage with secure digital signing.
A simplified digital signing experience because keys and certificates for end-users are managed by CSC Trust Service Providers.
Easier, faster and better deployment for end users by eliminating the need to install drivers or carry smartcards or tokens.

How is Ascertia involved with the CSC?

Ascertia works with Trust Service Providers (TSPs) and Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) to power their remote signing services. We are committed to developing easy to use, highly interoperable digital signature solutions that provide high-trust. This enables the widespread adoption of remote signing.

Ascertia’s solutions comply with the latest CSC standard API implementation and Ascertia works with many Trust Service Providers/Remote Signing Service Providers (RSSPs) to power their high-trust remote signing solutions.

Remote Signing powering cross border business

  • Ascertia’s Remote Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) for High-Trust Remote Signing

Designed specifically with CSC Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) in mind, the Ascertia ADSS SAM Appliance enables remote signing services to be set up and offered to customers.

Together with Ascertia’s SigningHub and ADSS Server products, QTSPs can provide fully hosted remote signing services or hybrid solutions – for example, where organisations require an on-premise front-end with a back-end hosted certified environment managing the PKI elements.

Ascertia’s SAM Appliance was the first product to achieve Common Criteria EAL4+ certification against the eIDAS ETSI EN 419 241 standard and the EN 419 241-2 Protection Profile with Level 2 Sole Control.

Find out more by watching this video about Ascertia’s remote signing solutions

Ascertia is a global leader in high-trust PKI and digital signature products, delivering essential trust services that keep citizens secure and business flowing. Ascertia’s products are easy to integrate and use across a range of business scenarios.

If you are considering becoming a Trust Service Provider and want to know more about Ascertia’s high trust signing solutions.

“The results we’ve seen since we partnered with Ascertia are nothing less than quite amazing, because what we did together from 2014 up until (2019) was actually release an infrastructure for digital identities on the Swedish market and have it certified by the Swedish Government.


Johan Henrikson
CEO at Verisec

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