Ensuring digital trust, security and transparency in Australian business

PKI, digital trust and electronic signatures in Australia

Australia’s digital trust journey isn’t just about technology – it’s about forging a secure, robust, and equitable digital landscape for all. The country’s leap into digitisation began in the 90s, with the Electronic Transactions Act laying the groundwork for legal recognition of digital signatures.

Fast forward to today, and digital signatures are woven into the fabric of countless scores of sectors, including:

We’re proud of Australia’s digital trust legacy, with Ascertia being one of the first Certificate Authorities (CAs) authorised under the PKI framework. We’ve seen the landscape evolve, and we’ve evolved alongside it. Ascertia’s diverse range of digital signature and PKI solutions cater to individual needs and national ambitions, from basic document signing to cutting-edge cloud-based hardware security modules (HSMs).

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced security and compliance

    Ascertia’s public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions use robust encryption and digital signatures to verify identities and ensure document integrity, meeting strict Australian regulations like the Electronic Transactions Act 1999. Additionally, you can rest assured your sensitive information is protected from unauthorised access, manipulation, or forgery, mitigating security risks and data breaches.

  • Strategic advantages

    Partnering with Ascertia gives you a competitive advantage with streamlined, modernised workflows and PKI solutions that are scalable and adaptable, supporting future growth and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Streamlined efficiency and cost savings

    From increased productivity to reduced administrative burdens, Ascertia’s digital signature and PKI solutions eliminate paper-based processes, reducing printing, storage, and document transportation costs. All the while customers enjoy faster, more convenient signing experiences, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Electronic and digital signature laws and regulations in Australia

Australia stands at the forefront of digital transformation, embracing innovation while remaining deeply committed to security and data privacy. This commitment is an integral part of the nation’s legal framework, ensuring a robust environment for electronic signatures, data protection and PKI practices.

At Ascertia, we understand the importance of operating within Australia’s digital trust ecosystem. We’re proud to be fully compliant with all relevant Australian laws and regulations.

Australia’s PKI, data privacy and electronic signature regulations and laws as of 2023:

Why do organisations in Australia choose Ascertia?

The world’s digital ecosystem is in constant flux. Australian businesses face unique challenges in securing sensitive data and streamlining document workflows. Ascertia, a global leader in PKI and digital signature solutions, understands these challenges and provides exceptional solutions tailored to meet the needs of Australian organisations.

There are several reasons why Australia’s top brands rely on us to achieve their digital transformation goals. Our PKI solutions offer robust encryption and comprehensive digital identity management, exceeding the strictest Australian and international security standards. They are Common Criteria-certified, ensuring optimal data protection and adherence to the most stringent legal and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we enable Australian business to improve operational efficiency. Our digital signature solutions help organisations reduce reliance on cumbersome paper-based processes and streamline electronic signing and document approval – eliminating time-consuming delays. This translates to significant cost savings in terms of paperwork, postage, and administrative overhead.

By implementing Ascertia’s PKI and digital signature solutions, Australian organisations can achieve unprecedented levels of security, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your business’s unique requirements.

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