Why use ADSS Signing Server by Ascertia?

Designed to address cost, efficiency and security issues with traditional paper‑based signatures, Ascertia’s digital signature solutions offer flexibility and security, that can be short‑lived or last for years.

Digital signatures help prevent fraud, provide authenticity, accountability and add another layer of security enabling businesses to comply with legislative and regulatory needs while digitally signing and sealing thousands of documents with trust and security.

Signed Document

ADSS Signing Server is used globally for securely eSigning and eSealing millions of documents, data and transactions


Coverage in 55+ countries

serving Enterprises, Governments, and Trust Service Providers (TSPs)


Powerful, scalable performance

capable of handling thousands of documents and automating e‑Signatures and eSeals


Seamlessly integrate with existing business processes

using the ADSS Client SDK or Autofile Processor

ADSS Server Modules Diagram

Key Benefits

  • Security and standards compliance

    – ADSS Signing Server has been designed to meet the organisations business, legislative and regulatory needs. It also reduces the risks and costs involved in creating, sending, receiving and storing unprotected business documents.

  • Bulk signing corporate capabilities

    – This functionality provides businesses and Governments with the option to streamline and generate staff efficiencies by offering teams the option to bulk sign documents.

We are always searching for ways to enhance how we support our extensive network of manufacturers. Through Ascertia’s bulk signing capabilities, we have accelerated projects and raised our high levels of customer care even higher.

Ray Wagner

Senior Software Product Manager

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Ascertia’s products and solutions are used extensively by governments, leading financial institutions, global telcos and thousands of major corporations and SMEs around the world.

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How do I use ADSS Signing Server?

Does your organisation send out 1,000s or even millions of electronic documents, such as invoices or account statements? Doing this manually simply isn’t practical.The solution – ADSS Signing Server.

It enables business through automation and bulk signing and automatically verifies incoming signed electronic documents, such as received e-invoices.

When used with Ascertia’s ADSS Auto File Processor (AFP) application, it provides businesses with a convenient way of processing thousands of documents. Process PDF invoices and carry out other tasks needed to bulk sign and process electronic documents.

Does ADSS Server comply with industry standards?

ADSS Signing Server is fully compliant and adheres to global industry standards. It provides secure web-based management along with advanced management configuration options and detailed reporting.

View the full list of standards and compliance.

How does ADSS Signing Server integrate with business applications?

ADSS Signing Server can be used as a signing service for individual signatures. When used with Ascertia’s ADSS Auto File Processor (AFP) and the ADSS Client SDK application, it provides businesses with a convenient way of bulk-signing thousands of documents, particularly PDF invoices.

eSeals and Bulk Signing

Over recent years, the use of eIDAS-compliant eSeals has increased. eSeals are the primary solution for digitally signing large amounts of documents. They are machine-created automatically and enable the automation of bulk signing.
Examples of eSeals for bulk signing include:

  • eInvoices
  • eStatements – Typically found in internet banking
  • eBills
  • eReceipts – Typically found in eCommerce