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SigningHub v6.5 has been released with the following features and enhancements:

Unsigned attachments are now supported.
A workflow recipient can start a new workflow for the received document.
The Twilio SMS gateway service is now supported.
An Enterprise setting now allows documents to be opened via the email hyperlink without logging on even for a user that is about to apply a digital signature (before this was allowed only for eSignatures).
Hand Signature drawing has been enhanced to work smoothly on touch screen devices.
The default time zone defined in “Global Settings” is used to compute the local times shown in the signature verification dialog as well as the Workflow Evidence Report.
API calls allow a document to be permanently deleted in any state.
Document display quality has been improved.
Documents can now be merged if they have small differences in original dimensions.
A new mobile web browser interface has been created that:
(a) provides a great user experience on mobile device browsers.(b) offers the same features as native mobile app.(c) starts with a new Dashboard feature.
New native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices have been released:
(a) A new user interface has been created to accommodate new features including: forgot password, accepting invitations, login via Active Directory, form filling etc.(b) Improved support for varying screen sizes and the latest mobile platforms.