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SAVIS Technology Group, one of Vietnam’s leading IT companies, is using Ascertia’s Trust Services Platform to secure the digital information of its enterprise and government department customers.

Mr Hoang Nguyen Van – General Director at SAVIS Technology Group, said: “Forward-thinking organisations are digitising operations rapidly and Ascertia’s Trust Services Platform underpins the integrity and security of our customers’ digital services. As a long-standing Ascertia partner, we too have streamlined our own business process and experienced the efficiency benefits accompanying digital signatures.”

In addition to being a valued Ascertia partner, one of 100+ worldwide, SAVIS Technology Group is also a direct customer of Ascertia. Leveraging its operational excellence, research acuity and Ascertia’s solid foundation, the company has successfully launched various electronic authentication and digital signature solutions tailored specifically for Digital Government, Digital Enterprise, Digital Banking – Finance, Digital Healthcare and other emerging sectors. The company has been seamlessly implementing Ascertia’s highly interoperable platform for its own authentication, digital signature, and licensing infrastructure for several years.