ADSS Autofile Processor


The following highlights just some of its main features.

Ease of use

  • Handles multiple watched folders
    ADSS AFP can manage multiple watched folders profiles, each defines a set of input, output and error folders and other parameters like which signing profile to use.
  • Sophisticated filtering
    ADSS AFP allows watched folder profiles to include complex rules such as defining sub-folders, filename filters, batch sizes and operational timers.

Digital signature formats

  • Supports multiple digital signature formats
    ADSS AFP signing profiles can use the full power of ADSS Server and thus sign using basic and long-term digital signatures in various formats including: PDF, PDF/A, XML DSig, XAdES, PKCS#7, CMS & CAdES.
  • Supports signing and verification
    Because ADSS AFP delegates the security operations to ADSS Server it means that ADSS AFP can request documents to be signed or verified or archived because all of these services are offered by ADSS Server. Currently only signing functionality is exposed in ADSS AFP but others can also be easily enabled upon request.

Security & scalability

  • Security
    To ensure that only authorised requests are processed ADSS AFP authenticates itself to ADSS Server using a pre-defined caller ID. For stronger authentication ADSS AFP can optionally sign requests or use SSL client authentication. ADSS Server retains a secure log of all request and response transactions and can provide detailed reports from these.
  • Scalability and resilience
    ADSS AFP has been designed for high throughput and high availability and it can load balance requests across multiple ADSS Servers.


  • Cost effectiveness
    ADSS Server is modular product and only the modules your business needs need to be licensed. This provides a flexible yet cost-effective solution, with in built investment protection since other modules can be added later to support future business needs. There are no transactional costs - a server can be used to process any number of documents.

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