ADSS Signing Server

System Requirements

Operating systems

ADSS Server is a JEE application and is supported on the following platforms (ask about support for others). The following 64bit operating systems are supported (32bit on request):

  • Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2008 R2
  • Linux (RedHat 6.x, SUSE, Centos, others)
  • Solaris 11 (x86 only)

Support for Solaris x64 and Windows/ Linux 32 bit operating systems can be made available on request - email explaining the requirement. Physical and Virtualised systems are supported.


ADSS Server saves its configuration and transactional data in a database, the following databases are supported:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 (Express, Web and Enterprise Editions)
  • Oracle 12c, 11gR2, 10g
  • PostgreSQL v9.x, v8.x
  • MySQL v5.x

ADSS Server can be supported on other databases upon request.

DMZ proxy systems (optional)

Where a DMZ proxy is used, the following DMZ proxy machines are supported:

  • Windows Server + IIS 6.0 or Apache or IBM HTTP Server
  • Linux + Apache or IBM HTTP Server

Use a reasonable CPU, 2GB RAM,100 MB disk space

Business applications (systems sending service requests to ADSS Server)

Business applications can be integrated with ADSS Server using these approaches:

  • Using OASIS DSS web service calls (See ADSS Server WSDL developer documentation)
  • Using ADSS Client SDK Java API with JDK 1.5.0_06 or above
  • Using ADSS Client SDK .NET API with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above
  • Using Auto File Processor to monitor one or more file folders

HSMs (optional)

The following PKCS#11 Hardware Security Modules are supported:

  • Gemalto SafeNet Luna SA, LunaPCI, Luna G5
  • Gemalto SafeNet ProtectServer (PCI or External)
  • Thales nShield Solo or  Conect HSMs
  • Utimaco HSMs
  • Microsoft Azure Key Vault HSM

ADSS Server can also use PKCS#11 compliant smartcard(s) and secure USB token(s) as slow HSMs.  Other PKCS#11 v2.x compliant HSMs should also work and an interoperability test utility is provided.

Operator browsers

The following Internet browsers are supported for accessing the ADSS Admin web console:

  • Internet Explorer 9.x or above (Recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge 20.x or above
  • Firefox 20.x or above
  • Google Chrome 26.x or above

Minimum hardware requirements

  • A modern multi-core CPU such as the Xeon E55xx or E3-1280 v3 is recommended, with 8GB RAM (min 4GB RAM), typically 5-10GB or more of disk space will be required depending on usage and transactional data / log retention requirements.
  • A separate database server can be used to advantage within high performance environments:
    • A modern multi-core CPU such as the Xeon E55xx or E3-1280 v3 is recommended, with 8GB RAM (min 4GB RAM), typically 5-10GB or more of disk space will be required depending on usage and transactional data / log retention requirements.

Load balancers

Any commercial Network Load Balancer.

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“LeasePlan chose ADSS Server because it exactly met our business and technical requirements. We found we could easily download ADSS Server and all its integration components from Ascertia's website and the installation and configuration went very smoothly. The examples provided allowed us to explore and test the required functionality and this helped in minimising the time spent setting up our own server configuration. We were also very impressed by the service delivered by Ascertia, both the sales delivery and technical support teams were very responsive. We always got a swift and accurate answer to our questions. A small technical change that was required to ensure ADSS Server could run within our environment was analysed, developed and deployed in a very short time. The excellent cooperation with Ascertia enabled us to implement a fully operational PDF document signing solution within the planned time frame.” Hugo De herdt | LeasePlan Belgium “Nikken has used Ascertia ADSS Server for 5 years to sign its PDF statements, ensuring these PDFs are seen as authentic Nikken branded documents and protecting the data against fraudulent change. Our experience with ADSS Server product and its availability and performance is that I as an IT Professional & as Nikken's IT manager for 9 years, that Ascertia are the standards by which all companies in this industry sector, should consider setting their standards by. My experience with dealing with the company as a whole is faultless, effortless and above all professional. Ascertia's support service rates a 10/10 because they just do all that you ask, without the normal associated clutter of other organisations in this sector. I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone that they should consider Ascertia, its ADSS Signing Server and its excellent support service.” Andy Butterworth | IT Manager Nikken UK Ltd

Sales Inquiries:
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