ADSS Autofile Processor


Watched Folder Signing

Automated server side signing solution

ADSS Auto File Processor (AFP) is flexible front-end application for the ADSS Signing Server. It provides intelligent watched folder automatic monitoring or automated server side signing solution of one or more Windows folders or Unix directories to process batches of document in an unattended environment.

Any documents (PDF, XML and CMS) found in a configured location are then automated signed or verified as specified by operator defined policies. The digital signature creation or verification requests are processed by the Auto File Processor application making calls to the ADSS Signing Server. The resultant documents are then delivered to the configured output folder, or if a problem is detected, an issues folder.

What is ADSS Auto File Processor?

ADSS Auto File Processor is an automated server side file signing solution supports multiple digital signature formats. e.g. PDF, PDF/A, XML DSig, XAdES, PKCS#7, CMS & CAdES.

ADSS Auto File Processor represents one of the simplest ways to utilise the power of ADSS Signing Server within organisations as it requires no programmatic integration. You could be up and running in having your important corporate documents, such as e-invoices, signed in minutes by using this powerful yet simple combination of Auto File Processor with ADSS Signing Server.

Why use ADSS Auto File Processor?

  • Easy integration
    ADSS Auto File Processor provides simple and effective way of managing watched folder profiles and sophisticated rules of filtering.
  • Filtering
    ADSS Auto File Processor allows watched folder profiles to include complex rules such as defining sub-folders, filename filters, batch sizes and operational timers.
  • Secure and resilience
    ADSS Auto File Processor authenticates itself to ADSS Signing Server using a pre-defined caller ID. For stronger authentication ADSS Auto File Processor can optionally sign requests or use SSL client authentication.

ADSS Auto File Processor has been designed for high throughput and high availability and it can load balance requests across multiple ADSS Signing Servers.

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