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Global leader in delivering functionally rich, easy to deploy e-security solutions

We enable our customers to digitally sign & protect documents & transactions, helping them to streamline business processes and provide trusted identity assurance.

Since 2001 Ascertia has become a successful global provider of advanced digital signature and electronic identity validation software solutions and services

Ascertia’s products and solutions focus on enabling trust online using digital signature and data encryption technologies. Organisations can now safely cross the final hurdle of migrating paper-intensive processes to the digital world by using Ascertia’s products to sign securely on desktops, tablets, mobiles or servers.


Our technology is regularly tested and
certified under various standards including:
  • CWA 14167-1
  • FIPS 201 certified
  • US PKITS Test suite
  • PD-VAL programs
  • Common Criteria EAL4+

Delivering global trust services and modules for signing, verification, timestamping, and core PKI services including certificate authority services.

A complete, user-friendly, end-to-end e-signature and document approval solution for preparing, sending, reviewing, signing and tracking.


Our technology is regularly tested and certified under various standards including:

CWA 14167-1
US PKITS Test suite
PD-VAL programs
Common Criteria EAL4+

Compliant with all the relevant IETF, ISO, OASIS and W3C standards. In addition, ETSI PAdES, XAdES and CAdES services have been thoroughly tested through various official ETSI plug-test sessions. ADSS Server has been deployed in hundreds of installations world-wide and its robust, reliable, high-trust services are well-proven.

ADSS Server is regularly used to leverage the trust value provided by one or multiple existing PKI schemes, which are provided by vendors who wish to add digital signature creation, verification, timestamping or long-term evidence archiving services to their solutions.

Ascertia has long history in the digital signature market and an excellent reputation for delivering products to a wide range of organisations and industries around the world. Standards compliance and tracking of key standards is a fundamental part of our product strategy. This delivers real value and investment protection to organisations that invest in Ascertia’s products since they can quickly and easily upgrade existing products to new releases with new features. It also helps to illustrate the long-term relationships Ascertia has maintained with many well-known organisations.

Ascertia has an extensive technology partner network with identity providers (IDPs), hardware vendors (HSMs and smartcard/token providers) as well system integrators and professional service companies. Our local reseller network is effective and far reaching.

Ascertia is easy to deal with; we listen and act quickly. Ascertia’s strategy is to empower its staff and have compressed lines of communication and approval. We listen, understand and act appropriately to ensure our partner’s and client’s success.

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