TSA Crusher


TSA Servers Tested to Their Limits!

The performance of a Time Stamp Authority server can be critical within large or high volume environments. It is important to be able to assess how well your TSA service is meeting the demands of your users.

Ascertia TSA Crusher is a sophisticated timestamp client tool for PKI administrators, allowing them to test the performance and efficiency of their timestamp servers. Each timestamp server can be stress tested with a selectable number of time stamp request messages running in a single or concurrent sessions. Ascertia TSA Crusher is the only timestamp client software which allows operations managers to prove how their systems respond to varying load conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Integration with TSA server
    Identify the TSA Server system to which the requests should be sent. Identify the number of batch tests to be run. Identify the number of concurrent sessions to be used.
  • Security
    Since this is an RFC 3161 client, the target TSA server creates a signed reply for each request that the timestamp client sends it. TSA Crusher receives these time stamp tokens, analyses the time taken to respond and then produces a report of the total time taken and the average time per TSP request.

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