PDF Sign & Seal

User Interface

Signature pane

The following screen shows how PDF Sign&Seal shows a digitally signed PDF while showing the signatures list at the bottom:

Designing signature appearances

PDF Sign&Seal provides one of the most sophisticated signature appearance designer where user can control all of the elements to be shown in the signature appearance wrt location, font and content. Each signature appearance can be saved as a signature appearance profile to be re-used again:

Digitally sign multiple signature fields

PDF Sign&Seal can detect all of the signature fields in the PDF and intelligently groups them based on the name. This helps user to select all of the signature fields and sign in on go!

Digitally sign a single signature field

Alternatively user can click a signature signature field to start digital signature generation process:

Digital signature verification

User can click on a signature to view detailed verification results which breaks down the verification results into document's digital signature verification and signer's certificate verification:

Show certificate

PDF Sign&Seal comes with a robust digital certificate viewer which shows not only detailed information about the certificate but also about what type of revocation checking was performed i.e. OCSP or CRL and when:

OCSP viewer

PDF Sign&Seal comes with the world's only OCSP viewer helping more advanced users to drill down exact OCSP request and response:

Form designing

PDF Sign&Seal is not only advanced in signature generation and viewing but also on form designing:

Advanced digital signature generation

User can configure details of how the advanced long-term digital signature is produced by setting the Timestamp server addresses:

Signature verification settings

User can configure whether to perform long-term digital signature verification. If the information is found embedded inside the PDF digital signature then it will use it other wise will check real-time:

Language configurations

PDF Sign&Seal speaks your language:


User can quickly perform bulk operation on multiple PDF using right click operation:

Signing files using CMS (PKCS#7) signatures

Not only PDF digital signatures, PDF Sign&Seal can create CMS digital signature and also Digital Envelopes (Sign and encrypt) on single or multiple files:

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