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“When our company decided to implement digital signing and handling of documents worldwide, we have first of all tested some solutions. Finally we selected PDF Sign&Seal from Ascertia. The main reason for this decision has been Ascertia´s approach to ask for our needs. And they have delivered a solution with all the requested features. In addition they have provided excellent support during the implementation phase of the tool in our company. We have simply been treated as a customer. The digital handling of documents is fully in line with the environmental philosophy of our company.” Lutz Thäsler | Det Norske Veritas (DNV) “I recently had to use Ascertia Customer Support for PDF Sign&Seal and they exceeded my expectations. They were friendly, helpful, and timely when responding to my emails. I appreciate the time you took with me to resolve my issue and with your help it made the process effortless. PDF Sign&Seal works wonderfully and is so easy to use I wouldn’t want to use any other product especially now that I have encountered incredible customer service, which is hard to come by these days.” Teresa Lewis | Gift Stewardship Coordinator

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