PDF Sign&Seal (desktop)


PDF Creation, Signing & Verification

Designed to make PDF signing easy!

PDF Sign&Seal is a desktop application that makes it easy to apply PDF digital signatures, time-stamps and strong PDF security to business documents. It has been carefully designed for busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. Using PDF Sign&Seal anyone can easily create, sign or protect business documents.

Use PDF Sign&Seal to protect internal or external financial reports, HR, legal, sales and marketing, support services, compliance, engineering or architectural drawings, in fact any document where trust in authorship, integrity and approval are required.

Why PDF Sign&Seal?

These are the main reasons why PDF Sign&Seal is relied upon by many thousands of devoted business managers and professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants, consultants, doctors, clinicians, inspectors and notaries:

  • Makes PDF Signing Simple
    Whether its one-click signing or ability to remember PDF signing locations we have worked hard over many years to give you a PDF signing application which takes away all the complexity!
  • Makes PDF Signing Efficient
    Have you tried PDF signing documents with other tools in a real business context, with the pressure of real deadlines! We know the hoops that other PDF signing applications make you go through. With our features like batch PDF signing, PDF create and sign, and instant PDF signing with no annoying pop-up windows you will be able to spend more time on your business rather than the PDF signing application.
  • Makes Deployment Easy
    Deploying PDF Sign&Seal within a large corporate environment could not be easier. We support auto-installation using Microsoft SCCM/SMS with simplified license activation and administrators can easily pre-configure all the default settings before roll-out. Later all or specific PDF Sign&Seal settings can be exported and imported as required.

As a result of our focus on what makes PDF signing easy, we have avoided putting in unnecessary functionality which just bloats the application making it harder to learn and use day to day. This is a lesson which many software vendors often forget!

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“When our company decided to implement digital signing and handling of documents worldwide, we have first of all tested some solutions. Finally we selected PDF Sign&Seal from Ascertia. The main reason for this decision has been Ascertia´s approach to ask for our needs. And they have delivered a solution with all the requested features. In addition they have provided excellent support during the implementation phase of the tool in our company. We have simply been treated as a customer. The digital handling of documents is fully in line with the environmental philosophy of our company.” Lutz Thäsler | Det Norske Veritas (DNV) “I recently had to use Ascertia Customer Support for PDF Sign&Seal and they exceeded my expectations. They were friendly, helpful, and timely when responding to my emails. I appreciate the time you took with me to resolve my issue and with your help it made the process effortless. PDF Sign&Seal works wonderfully and is so easy to use I wouldn’t want to use any other product especially now that I have encountered incredible customer service, which is hard to come by these days.” Teresa Lewis | Gift Stewardship Coordinator

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