OCSP Client Tool


Sophisticated Tool for PKI Administrator

The OCSP Client Tool can be used to ensure that important Validation Authority systems are operating effectively, in line with their specification and the validation policies that are being enforced. OCSP Client Tool can be used both during the installation and configuration of an OCSP Responder environment as well as during upgrade processes. It is also a useful tool for confirming correct operation of an OCSP Responder when client issues are reported.

Features and benefits

  • Multiple test profiles
    Create one or more test profiles for testing one or more OCSPs with different certificates and test settings such as nonce and service locator extensions.
  • Easy configuration
    The tool is fully GUI based to allow easy installation and configuration.
  • Signed and unsigned OCSP requests
    Send signed and unsigned OCSP requests. Send the OCSP request using a defined URL or use the AIA extension contained within the certificate(s).
  • Secure log
    Keep an audit log of all OCSP transactions.
  • Secure communication
    It sends OCSP requests over SSL/TLS
  • Multi platform
    The OCSP Client Tool is written in Java and is supported on Windows 32 bit platforms.
  • Support interfaces and protocols
    This supports RFC 6960 (OCSP), TLS/SSL, Communication through proxy (including digest authentication) PFX/PKCS#12 for OCSP request signing, X.509v1 and v3 certificates.
  • Support multiple certificates
    Define one or more certificates to be included in an OCSP request to a specified responder.

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