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In the drive to cut paper processes organisations have embraced IT systems for managing e-documents, be these CRM, ECM, DMS or a system for any other purposes. Typically these applications provide little functionality for protecting document integrity and assuring the author’s/approver’s identity. Recently organisation have begun to understand the importance of adding trust, integrity, assurance, traceability, audit and compliance to internal business processes during the creation, sign-off and approval of key internal documents or data.

The problem is how to plug this “trust” gap within existing applications? Ascertia provides a range of applications and SDKs to make this task easy with zero or very minimal integration effort. Our solutions have been integrated into range of popular applications like SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and also open source alternatives such as Alfresco and Joomla.

Ascertia solutions not only cater for document signing but also signature verification, e-ID validation and long-term archiving:

Use Case Ascertia Product(s)

Document Approval & Workflow

A complete engine for uploading, sharing, reviewing and signing-off on documents of any type with either internal or external users. Also keeps track of the document status throughout the approval process. Uses Ascertia Docs and ADSS Server.

Client SDK

A powerful Java and .NET SDK for enabling signing, verification, archiving and eID validation (SCVP, XKMS and certification) within any business application. Easy to make use of advanced ADSS trust services in just a few high-level calls.

Watched Folder Processing

For automated processing of documents from a set of watched input folders. Documents can be picked up and then signed, verified or archived using ADSS Server.

Email Integration

For automated email signing, verification and archiving. No need to make any changes to end-user email clients, employ a centralised email server which relies on the security services offered by ADSS Server.

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