User Interface

TSA service home

The following screen shows the homepage for the ADSS TSA Service. From here you can make all the changes to the ADSS TSA Service:

TSA profiles

You can configure multiple TSA profiles for different use cases or for different business applications:

The following screen shows some of the configurations that can be made for a TSA profile:

Access control

You can configure how the ADSS TSA Service is made accessible to business applications:

You can configure a particular DN filter criteria of the SSL Certificate to authenticate to the TSA Service:

TSA service transaction log viewer

All TSA service transactions are logged. The log records can be searched, filtered and customised. Log records can be securely archived and their integrity verified. A detailed request/response viewer is also provided:

You can view the transaction details:

An operator can view the recorded transactions using the transaction log viewer:

Management reporting for TSA service

The built-in reporting module can report on service transactions, top users and comparison of TSA profile usage. The following shows the service transactions report:

The following shows the TSA profile comparison report:

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