ADSS OCSP Server pricing has been created to best meet the needs of various organisation needs. It uses the following criteria to build a perpetual license:

  • A base ADSS Server license plus a license for each option module requested, e.g. CRL Monitor, OCSP VA for each server
  • Plus the number of end-users to be supported (once per project)

Other approaches can be considered when required, e.g. unlimited use pricing, annual right-to-use pricing.

We recommend you use the Request Quote option to tell us your requirements in more detail and let us provide you with a quotation that meets your needs.

Annual support & maintenance service

We highly recommend that you take out the Annual Support & Maintenance program with your order to ensure that you have access to priority support services through email, phone, web chat and Citrix GoToMeeting web-conference software. Customers with support & maintenance contract also get all upgrades free of charge, ensuring you always have access to latest features of ADSS OCSP Server.

Support Service Maintenance Service
Customers with active support contract Priority support via email, phone, live chat & webinar All upgrades free
All other customers Low priority support via email Warranty bug-fix for 90 days, access to updates requires support re-instatement

Annual Support & Maintenance and access to licensed updates is charged at 20% of the software license list price per year and can be bought at the time of purchasing ADSS OCSP Server.

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