Monitoring & Alerting for OCSP Responders

Ensuring correctness & availability of your OCSP service

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Validation Authority servers are the cornerstone of a trusted PKI infrastructure, providing essential e-ID validation services. It is crucial that they are correctly configured, remain highly available to relying parties and are not subject to internal or external attacks. OCSP Service providers typically have to adhere to strictly defined availability and responsiveness criteria. OCSP Monitor has been designed to perform these management audit and reporting tasks in an automated manner and alert administrators to any issues that arise using email or SMS messages.

OCSP Monitor is a must have product for any organisation providing OCSP services. It enables you to identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your business customers or end-users report them to you! In fact OCSP Monitor is also a useful tool for organisations that consume OCSP services under an SLA. It enables then to measure the key performance indicators attained by their service providers.

Why use OCSP Monitor?

  • Monitor one or more OCSP services for correct functioning, unexpected results, availability and performance - automatically and continuously
  • Test the actual OCSP interface rather than just testing the server or application uptime
  • Use simple tests to check for OCSP Responder availability and obtain summary SLA data
  • Use multiple tests within a test scenario to check compliance with expected validation policy settings and review any detailed error reports and end of day test summary reports
  • Select which admin staff receive error reports and summary reports by email and/or SMS
  • Test all accessible OCSP responders (primary, back-up, test) from a single location with a single OCSP Monitor installation
  • OCSP Monitor is an RFC 6960 compliant OCSP client software and can communicate with any compliant OCSP server
  • Easy to deploy and use - no special component or agent is required to be installed on the OCSP server
  • Provides up to the minute live reporting

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