ADSS Go>Sign Service


ADSS Go>Sign Applet is provided as part of an ADSS Server license, which is priced based on the following aspects:

  • Base ADSS Server license
  • Optional module licensing depending on business need (e.g. type of signatures to be produced and/or verified, whether Go>Sign Viewer is required etc.)
  • Number of end-users

We recommend you use the Request Quote option in the right-hand panel to let us know your requirements in more detail and our sales representative can then provide you with a tailored quotation.

Annual support & maintenance service

We highly recommend that you take out the Annual Support & Maintenance program with your order to ensure that you have access to priority support services through email, phone, instant messaging and online meeting tools. Customers with support & maintenance contract will also get minor and major upgrades free, ensuring you always have access to latest features of ADSS Go>Sign Applet.

Support Service Maintenance Service
Customers with active support contract Priority support via email, phone, live chat & webinar Minor upgrades free; Major upgrades free
All other customers Support via email Minor upgrades free; Major upgrades at list price

Annual Support & Maintenance is charged at 20% of the software license costs and can be bought at the time of purchasing Go>Sign Applet.

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