ADSS Go>Sign Service


Zero Footprint PKI Signing & Authentication in a Browser

Secure document viewer & signer  

ADSS Go>Sign Service is a complete solution for browser-based document viewing, form-filling, advanced signing/authentication and centralised signature verification. Due to its zero footprint design, it removes all the difficulties associated with deploying and supporting locally installed software. ADSS Go>Sign Service consists of a number of components:

  • Server-side HTML document viewer
    For optimised document viewing, form-filling and clickable signature fields.
  • Applet
    For local signing (client-side) using hardware, software or roaming keys/certificates on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Applet also supports key generation and certification with backend RA/CA systems.
  • Server-side logic
    For centralized trust anchor management, server-side key management/certification, signature verification and enhancement of a user's basic signature to a long-term signature.

The ADSS Go>Sign Service makes it easy to implement client-side digital signatures within any web application. In Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C) or Government to Citizens (G2C) there is a clear need for zero installation signing, as no organization wishes to own the problems that might arise from installing and using desktop software and increasingly local security policies do not allow this.

ADSS Go>Sign Service has been designed for busy, non-technical people. It works within modern browsers to allow citizens and businesses to go green, eliminate paper and avoid postage and handling costs.

Use ADSS Go>Sign Service to protect internal or external financial reports, HR, legal, sales and marketing, support services, compliance, engineering or architectural drawings, in fact any document where trust in authorship, integrity and approval are required.  ADSS Go>Sign Service can also be used to strongly authenticate users as part of secure login access to website, by digitally signing login challenge requests. 

Key points:

The key reasons for choosing ADSS Go>Sign Applet solution are:

  • Easy to use
    Very simple to use for senior business users, when compared with complex “thick” desktop applications. Configurable GUI controlled by your web application ensures your end-users only see the required features, e.g. a simple “SIGN” or “CONFIRM” button on the web page with no other complexity. GUI-less mode is also supported.
  • Easy to update
    Works as part of a web-browser environment and these web pages can be updated and functionality immediately rolled-out – compare this with installed desktop software and the associated support and maintenance & new software roll-out overheads.
  • Supports multiple signature formats
    Rich support for PDF Signatures, Adobe® CDS, XML DSig and CMS/PKCS#7, long-term ETSI XAdES, CAdES and even the latest PAdES signature profiles.
  • Interfaces with multiple keystores
    Go>Sign Applet can access keys held on smartcard, USB tokens, Windows, Apple and Netscape software keystores, centrally held keys on ADSS Server and even secure roaming credentials (virtual smartcards). Go>Sign Applet supports Microsoft CAPI/CNG, PKCS#11 and Apple Keychain crypto interfaces.
  • Advanced functionality
    In addition to applying advanced digital signatures, the ADSS Go>Sign Service provides the ability to view PDF documents (documents of other formats can be converted to PDF automatically on the server), generate key pairs and request certificates from back-end RA/CAs, and also allows document encryption as part of a secure upload process.
  • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
    Using ADSS Go>Sign Service you can delivery your documents securely to users, be notified that the document has been viewed, and even protect cut/paste operations, printing and local saving of documents on a per user or per document basis. The GUI buttons of the Go>Sign Viewer are fully configurable.
  • Integrates easily
    Integrating ADSS Go>Sign Service within web applications uses high-level HTTP calls and can be done in minutes with sample source code, demo applications and high-level API calls offered by the ADSS Client SDK.
  • Provides centralised signature verification service
    ADSS Go>Sign Viewer uses the ADSS Server’s centralised verification service. This provides verification of all digital signature formats, including advanced long-term digital signatures and historic verification using archived CRLs. Real-time certificate validation using OCSP is also possible. Additional benefits include centralised trust anchor management, centralised validation policy control and centralised transaction logging.

Business scenarios

ADSS Go>Sign Service can be used in a range of business application scenarios, e.g.:

  • e-Banking
    Applications where end-users must sign and upload financial data or documents as part of payments or loans environment or approve centrally held documents.
  • e-Government
    Applications where citizens wish to communicate with local and central services to register, update information, request changes, request new services, pay taxes or even vote.
  • e-Business
    Applications where web forms or documents must be signed by employees or customers as part of a web-based workflow system.
  • e-Tendering
    Applications where suppliers must sign and encrypt their documents as part of a secure online submission process.
  • e-Workflow
    Applications like ECM, ERP or CRM can be easily enhanced with digital signatures using ADSS Go>Sign Applet, so that documents can be viewed and signed-off before proceeding with the defined workflow of the business application.

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