ADSS CRL Monitor

User Interface

CRL Monitor home

The following screen shows the homepage for the ADSS CRL Monitor. From here you can check the status of CRLs being downloaded:

CRL details

An operator can see the list of those CAs for which CRL Monitor polls for CRLs at regular intervals:

For a configured CA an operator can see the list of CRLs downloaded by CRL Monitor:

Operator can see the revoked entries present inside the CRL:

Instant revocation

An operator can instantly revoked a certificate which is handy in situations where he can't wait for new CRL to be published which can take some time:

CRL monitor log viewer

All CRL Monitor polling information is logged. The log records can be searched, filtered and customised. Log records can be securely archived and their integrity verified :

High availability

CRL Monitor can run in master slave mode to provide high availability:

Management reporting for CRL Monitor service

The built-in reporting module can report on polling success/failure for the configured CAs. The following shows the service report:

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