Ascertia ADSS Client SDK provides a high-level interface for integrating all ADSS e-Trust services. Just in a few lines of code a system integrator can access the full power of ADSS Service.  The API is available in Java and .NET, the SDK comes with plenty of source code examples.  The WSDL and schema files are also available for direct implementation in other programming languages.

Comprehensive functionality

  • Protocols
    The SDK provides easy access to all ADSS server functions, including: Signing and verifying PDFs, XML data, Files etc, using OASIS DSS and DSS/X protocols. Certificate validation using SCVP, XKMS, OCSP and OASIS DSS-X Protocols. Archiving-related actions using LTANS protocols. Certificate registration and issuance, timestamping and decryption services using DSS, etc.
  • Signature formats
    Supports PDF, XML DSig, PKCS#7, CMS & S/MIME plus ETSI AdES -BES, -T, -C, -X, -X-Long and -A formats. Supports local hashing of data and signature handling and embedding for PDF documents.  Supports blank field creation inside PDF documents. 
  • Multi-signing
    Supports the signing of one or multiple documents in a single call to ADSS Server.
  • Advanced verification
    Facilitates the verification of signatures with a full range of DSS-X Verification Reports, as well as PEPPOL signature and certificate trust quality ratings.
  • Client-side signing
    Facilitates the use of ADSS Go>Sign Service for document presentation and signing, then verifying and enhancing the user's basic signature to a long-term signature. 
  • Optimised communication
    ADSS Client SDK also offers the option of using direct HTTP/S based services to save the overheads of handle large documents via web services.

Integration options

  • Java
    The product can be used with Java version 5 and above.
  • Custom integration
    Developers are also able to create their own web-service calls to ADSS Server using the supplied WSDL files. It should be noted that the ADSS Client SDK will save considerable development and test time and should be the preferred route.
  • .Net
    C# .NET versions are available for Windows platforms (requires .NET framework v2+).
  • Quick testing of ADSS server
    An SQL Server 2005 (Express) script to populate the ADSS Server database with test configuration data to provide a quick start environment to run the sample applications and the Go>Sign demonstration.

Get started

  • Developer's guide
    The ADSS Server Developer's guide is provided – this describes how applications can be integrated with the ADSS Client SDK libraries. Click here to read the developer’s guide.
  • Code samples
    Comes with Java and .Net sample source code, test data, binaries, doc, classes and XML Schema files for all of the ADSS Server services.


  • Licensing
    One copy of ADSS Client SDK is licensed for use with each production ADSS Server license that is purchased.
  • Up-to-date
    Always keeps in step with ADSS Server features to ensure easy access to, and use of, the latest features.

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