ADSS CA Server / PKI Server

User Interface

CA service home

The following screen shows the homepage for the ADSS CA Service. From here you can make all the changes to the ADSS CA Service:

CA profiles

You can configure multiple CA profiles for different use cases or for different business applications:

The following screen shows some of the configurations that can be made:

Certification template

You can create and configure existing certificate template based on your certification needs:

CA service transaction log viewer

All ADSS CA service transactions are logged. The log records can be searched, filtered and customised. Log records can be securely archived and their integrity verified. A detailed request/response viewer is also provided:

You can also view the request and response:

Management reporting for archive service

The built-in reporting module can report on service transactions, top users and comparison of CA profile usage. The following shows the service transactions report:

The following shows the CA profile comparison report:

Request Info


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