ADSS Signing Server

Server-side XML signing


This demo uses a corporate signing key held on the server to sign a XML document (ADSS Server also supports individual user keys). Generated signature are based on W3C XML Digital Signatures Standard.

Step 1: Select your document:
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Select the type of XML signature to apply:
Step 3: Select signature/document relationship:
Sign XML Document

  • Server-side signing uses a flexible Signing API to create exactly the type of signatures you need from your applications. All the hassle of creating signatures, managing keys and ensuring highest levels of security is removed. Automated signing from an application, i.e. in unattended mode, is also easily achieved.
  • In case you are uploading your own file, in this demo we restrict the file size to 1024KB.
  • This demo uses a fixed corporate signing key, click here to view. The ADSS server can utilise many different corporate signing keys. The client application can request which key to use for signing.

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