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You can verify any signed PDF document in this demo. For this demo ADSS Server has been configured with a list of Certificate Authorities (CAs) as final trust anchors. Your signature will be reported as trusted only if your document was signed using a certificate which chains to one of these CAs. ADSS Server can support an unlimited number of CAs as trust anchors, each CA can have its validation policy rules.

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  • Server-side verification uses a flexible OASIS DSS API that can define how ADSS Server should verify the signature and what evidence information should be returned, e.g. CRL/OCSP revocation information, certificate path information, etc.
  • All verification service responses are signed by the ADSS Verification Server so that clients can see that these are genuine messages from a trusted authority and they have not been changed.
  • The ADSS Verification Server not only ensures that the document has not been changed since signing and that the signer’s credentials are valid (not expired, not revoked and issued by a trusted CA) but can also report on the quality level of the signature and the associated certificate quality level – see this information on PEPPOL.
  • If you are uploading a document we restrict the file size to 1024KB  and documents having 50 pages or less – just for this demo.

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