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Any business application can request web forms to be filled in and request e-document submissions in place of paper, however in order to ensure authenticity and trust, it’s important to digitally sign the documents before they are sent externally. Simply asking user to login to the web application is not sufficient for later proving that the user actually submitted a particular document. Login security mechanisms such as usernames/passwords only provide authentication security for a specific session and do not help to show whether a document was later changed and was sent or approved by a particular individual.

Thus digital signatures are essential; however none of the current Internet browsers provide a standard signing method that can be used by web applications. Organisations do not wish to provide installed desktop software to multiple third parties and own the problems of training, support and upgrade for such software. Clearly a simple zero-footprint signing solution is needed. The solution must be able to cater for multiple signature formats including PDF and PAdES, XML DSig and XAdES, PKCS#7/CMS and CAdES profiles.

Ascertia offers such a signing solution using its ADSS Go>Sign Applet , ADSS Server and ADSS Archive Server as illustrated below:

The role of the solution components is as follows:

  • ADSS Go>Sign Applet:
    For applying signature on document. ADSS Go>Sign Applet can also encrypt documents using a PKI certificate provided by the Business Web Application. ADSS Go>Sign Applet provides the signed and optionally encrypted document to the Business Web Application.
  • ADSS Server:
    For verifying the user’s signature, which includes certificate path building and validation, revocation checking as well as signature and certificate quality assessment. ADSS Server can also enhance a basic signature to create a long-term signature with embedded timestamp and revocation information as part of the verification process, alternative ADSS Go>Sign Applet may have been involved in creating the long-term signature before it’s verified.
  • ADSS Archive Server (Optional):
    For long-term archiving of the user submitted document and also the verification process metadata (e.g. CRLs, OCSP responses etc.). ADSS Archive Server may store the archive objects or return to the business application for storage in a separate document management system.
  • Business Web Application:
    This can be any web application (e.g. e-Tendering) which interacts with end-users and with ADSS Server and ADSS Archive Server as explained above.

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