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e-Notarisation & Secure Archiving

Digital signature solutions for e-Notarisation and secure archiving

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Ascertia provides solutions to meet e-Notarisation and long-term archiving needs in the following way:

  • Server-side signing of data objects using a special archive key to create long-term archive signatures with embedded timestamps and revocation info (e.g. ETSI CAdES-A and ETSI XAdES-A signature profiles) that ensure the integrity and evidentiary capability of the preserved data. Any existing signatures on the document can be first verified and also extended to archive signature format by embedding timestamps and signer revocation info.
  • Creating long-term XML Evidence Record Syntax (XMLERS) archive objects based on the IETF LTANS Specification. The XMLERS archived objects can be stored in the ADSS Archive Server’s SQL databases or returned to selected enterprise content management (ECM) applications. The ADSS Archive Server performs archive management, automated evidence refreshing based on flexible archive policy and archive retention policy management.

Using signatures and timestamps, documents can be shown to have existed, been processed, been accepted, been notarised by a particular individual, system or organisation at a proven date and time.

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