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e-Document Approval & Workflow

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As each person reviews documents within their ERP, CRM, ECM or other application, a signature can be applied using ADSS Server and Go>Sign Applet. Note viewing of document can also be performed by Go>Sign Professional Applet – this presents a flat PDF image of the document, so that all the details can be reviewed before signing.

With this solution the signature can be created in various ways:

  • Using client-side signing by using the ADSS Go>Sign Applet – this is dynamically downloaded on demand and requires no installation yet it can access locally held keys to sign documents presented by the server or even files held locally that need to be signed and uploaded. Go>Sign Applet can also use roamed credentials supplied by ADSS Server, i.e. virtual smartcards.
  • Using keys held securely on the ADSS Server on behalf of end-users – the business application can easily register users on the ADSS Server and then request ADSS Server to sign data after the user has authorised this action
  • Using thick desktop software such as PDF Sign&Seal or File Sign&Seal.

Using signatures and timestamps documents can be shown to have existed, been processed, been accepted, been notarised by a particular individual, system and/or organisation at a proven date and time.

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